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About the Artist, Beth Sumner Vuelta

Beth Sumner Vuelta, MA, CMI is a medical artist practicing out of Westfield, New Jersey. She specializes in creating complex medical, surgical, and animated graphics. Her artwork has been published in Cell, featured in USA Today, and accompanies dozens of journals, marketing materials and textbooks. Some of her clients and past employers include: UT Southwestern Medical Center, Mount Sinai Health System in New York City, Texas Children's Hospital, and Anne Arundel Medical Center.

Recently, she held the position of Digital Art Director at the Mount Sinai Health System. In this role, Beth managed complex digital graphics including medical animations, medical illustrations, infographics, and video effects.

Previously, she was the surgical illustrator for the Department of Surgery at Texas Children's Hospital. Beth created intricate surgical illustrations for journal and book publications. She also worked with a team of multimedia specialists to provide support to the growing 90 surgeon roster with patient education materials, video editing, and design. Beth has also worked at a patient education company, Blausen Medical, as the medical animator. 

She received her Master of Arts degree in Biomedical Communications from UT Southwestern Medical Center's school of Biomedical Communications in 2012, and was awarded the Dean's Excellence Award in Scientific Illustration in Honor of Lewis Boyd Waters. She also passed an optional additional certification through the Association of Medical Illustrators (AMI) to become a Certified Medical Illustrator (CMI) in 2016, where she is also an active professional member. 

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